WHAT IT IS: Every Bible-believing evangelical Christian church, Supporting a Christian husband & wife or single prospective parent in adopting a child, Every year


Our Mission

To challenge and freely equip every evangelical Christian church to adopt one child each year into a Christian home, and to actively love that family by essentially becoming supportive ‘immediate’ and ‘extended family members’ to the adopted child.

I was Chosen, I was Wanted, I was Cherished, I grew in their Hearts, I was the Missing Piece, I was Loved, I was Adopted
— Unknown

What is LUKEWARM Initiative About

  • The LUKEWARM Initiative hears and accepts “what the Spirit says to the churches.” We are comfortable, rich, and in need of nothing except for God to anoint our eyes with healing so that we may see the needs and the opportunities in the world around us and cease to be lukewarm followers of Jesus (Revelation 3:14-22). We are having our eyes opened to the abortion epidemic and to the countless orphans who are being forgotten and not cared for by the Body of Christ.
  • The LUKEWARM Initiative is about repentance (turning from our sinful, passive ways, toward Jesus and what He has taught us to do), adoption into the Family of God, and obedience through faithful action.
  • The LUKEWARM Initiative is about actively changing the way the Church influences society, specifically with respect to the sanctity of life, by challenging every evangelical Christian church to foster a culture of adoption.
  • The LUKEWARM Initiative is about actively doing something loving, productive, and practical in response to the abortion epidemic in our country, and the forgotten orphans of our world. It is about saving lives and giving hope through the eternal life that Jesus offers.
  • The LUKEWARM Initiative is about providing for children in their time of need through adoption with ‘forever families’ in loving Christian homes. These children would otherwise be bounced around from home to home, often for years. Many times these children ‘age out’ of foster care into a life of homelessness, gangs, crime, drugs, and unwanted pregnancies that often end in abortion.

  • The LUKEWARM Initiative is about actively honoring and being obedient to the truth that God created marriage to be between a man and a woman, and about supporting those parents in raising their children to love and be obedient to God.

  • The LUKEWARM Initiative is about giving Christian religion validity through emulating Jesus’ adoption of us, in the lives of widows, orphans, and pregnant mothers who need us to do the same for them.