Intro & Summary

As Christians, what is something that we can do to actively and effectively respondto what we see going on in the world around us? What does God tell us to do?

There is something we can do, and it will protect vulnerable lives inside and outside of the womb. It will actively support the Biblical definition of marriage. Homelessness, gangs and crime, teenage pregnancies, and children who are at-risk for all these things will be powerfully influenced by what we will do. At a time when too many fear that Christianity is now permanently on the decline because our religion appears to be lukewarm and inactive, we will respond by doing the main thing that God has done for us: He adopted us into His family, through Jesus’ love for us. We, the Family of God, will do the same. By the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name, to the glory of our Father who adopted us first, we will act out in obedience by practicing what God calls “pure and undefiled religion” (James 1:27). This will bring our local church families closer together while people outside the Church will be drawn to join the Body of Christ. They will know that we are Christians by our love.

The L.U.K.E.W.A.R.M. Initiative presents an easy to understand, socially transformative online resource that churches will use for free to make it more practical and possible for Christian couples to foster and adopt kids in their time of need. LUKEWARM stands for Loving, Unconditionally, Kids Everywhere – Where Adoption and Religion Meet. The changes needed in our country and world will not be solved by government officials, nor does God require that of them. God clearly tells us whose responsibility it is and what we must do: “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14) It’s our responsibility.

The purpose of the LUKEWARM Initiative is: To challenge and freely equip every evangelical Christian church to adopt one child each year into a Christian home, and to actively love that family by essentially becoming supportive ‘immediate’ and ‘extended family members’ to the adopted child.

Every evangelical Bible-believing Christian church, adopting a child, every year. Think about how this will profoundly influence our country and world. This is not only very doable, but, if we as the Body of Christ are to actively practice “pure and undefiled religion” it is also the thing that we are specifically told by our Adoptive Father to do: care for the orphans and widows in their time of need. One of the fastest growing populations among the homeless in our society are the children ‘aging out’ of foster care. These parentless kids look to gangs, crime, drugs, and pregnancy to fill their emptiness (71 percent of these young women will themselves be pregnant by age 21 and many of the young men will be incarcerated). Many could have been adopted out of foster care or state’s custody years before those risks became reality. We, the Body of Christ, can and will change that. There are many Christian husbands & wives interested in adoption, but the process often seems overwhelming. The LUKEWARM Initiative transforms the picture by bringing the couple’s church family around them in tangible, practical ways. “It takes a whole church to raise a child.”

SUMMARY of the LUKEWARM Initiative


Every Bible-believing evangelical Christian church, Supporting a Christian husband & wife in adopting a child, Every year

It is a ‘grassroots’ healing movement of God, birthed out of prayer, led by the Holy Spirit (2 Chronicles 7:14), with no money involved and requires no financial commitment from churches.

It is a website and free resource to churches and individuals seeking to be obedient through active love of orphans and widows in their time of need (James 1:27).

It is a practical, positive response to the major societal problems Christians see in our world.

The LUKEWARM Initiative is about challenging and freely equipping evangelical Christian churches to adopt a child, each year, by supporting families. 24 people within the adoptive family’s church prayerfully commit to becoming ‘extended family members’ and later, 7 of those 24 prayerfully accept (if able and willing) the family’s invitation to further support their adopted child by essentially becoming ‘immediate family members (The ‘24/7 Family’).


Encourage your church to prayerfully adopt the LUKEWARM Initiative. The church then presents the initiative to the whole congregation to adopt it. When a church adopts the initiative, they set a day of prayer & fasting to prepare them to do God’s work.

Someone passionate about the initiative’s purpose steps forward to be your church’s ‘point person,’ being a point of contact for people who are interested in learning more and getting actively involved in supporting Christian adoption.

A Christian husband & wife get trained (this takes approx. 8 weeks of about a 3hr. class each week), and state- (or province-) approved to open their home for adoption through the foster care system or an adoption agency. They give their application to your church to become a LUKEWARM Initiative Potential Adoptive Family.

The ‘24/7 Family’ – each year, 24 people in the church prayerfully commit to essentially being permanent (when possible) ‘extended family members’ to the adopted child, practically & prayerfully supporting the adoptive family. Later, 7 of the 24 prayerfully accept an invitation (if they are willing and able), from the adoptive family, to essentially become ‘immediate family members’ to the adopted child, further supporting the family as that family raises their new child. The next year, the new ‘24/7 Family’ may be new people, or some or all of the same people, supporting a new adoptive family. Pray that in 10 years your church will have adopted at least 10 children into Christian homes to be loved and supported by their new father & mother, and by your church family.

For families looking to fundraise for their adoption costs, we recommend doing a Both Hands project. Both Hands helps families raise funds for their adoptions by gathering a team of volunteers to serve a widow in their community. Similar to a 5k race, this team raises sponsorship for their day of service, but instead of running, the team works on a widow’s home. The funds raised help an orphan be adopted into a forever family, a widow is blessed with free home improvements and all the volunteers get to serve for a day.

Both Hands has emerged as one of the highest yielding adoption fundraisers with an average of over $12,000 raised per project. We encourage the ’24/7 Family’ to support the adoptive family’s Both Hands project by being on their team and/or donating to the family’s project. To apply to Both Hands or learn more, please visit