There are many Christian couples who would like to adopt a child, but alone the process can seem overwhelming. But, when 24 or more committed people actively come alongside and support that family, and be part of that family, Christian couples will begin to be empowered into action and lives will be saved. Children who’s lives would otherwise be destroyed, forgotten, or bounced from chaotic environment to chaotic environment, will be given the opportunity to live, and to live more abundantly within a Christian family and true church family who will be committed to the Way, the Truth, and Life. These children will grow up in a family with a father and mother who love Jesus and believe the Bible to be God’s Word. As we model our faith through our active love, people will be drawn to our church, and to Jesus! As we show other churches that this can be done, they will be encouraged and do the same. And when other churches engage in prayerfully humble Christian repentance and obedience, in the area of orphan care, His love will be clearly shown to the world through the Body of Christ. He will heal our land, and people will be drawn by the Holy Spirit into His Salvation. Lives will be saved.

God does not put the responsibility for change on government or politicians, but on us – the Body of Christ, His people. It is our responsibility to respond through active obedience and love. (see 2 Chronicles 7:14)